Recap for 2009

When I look back at my reading for 2009, I am really very happy with what I accomplished. I read a much greater diversity of genres/topics than ever before in my life and found so many new series and writers that I want to pursue. But the best part was the fellow readers that I found and friends that I have made. That said, here is the summary for 2009!

Total books read (including audiobooks) 162
Owned books 40
Library Books 122

Cozy Mystery 51
Mystery 27
Fiction 19
History/Bio 24
NonFiction 3
Romance 14
Youth 16
Classics 8

Book 101
Audio 61

New Writers 96
New Series Started 45
Continuing Series Books 45

Books on my list at start of 2009 81
Books read from that list 49

Challenges completed
999 Challenge #1 - 81 no overlaps
999 Challenge # 2 - 81 no overlaps
First in a series goal of 12 new series - read 45 first in a series
Support Local Library 50 Bks goal- 122
75 Book Challenge LT
75 Book Challenge X 2
100 Book Challenge LT
Great Summer Readoff - 40 books June 1 - August 31
August Reading Challenge - 14
2009 Terp Challenge - 28/28
Audio Book Challenge - 12 goal - completed 61
Christmas Challenge - 4

Ongoing Challenges
US Presidents Challenge -10/43
The Europe Endless Challenge -- 4/51
50 State Challenge - 25/51
Best of 2009
Cozy Mystery
Series Three Pines Mysteries
Book A Rule Against Murder
Series Mistress of the Art of Death
Book Mistress of the Art of Death
Series World of Hetar
Book Shadow Queen
Series His Majesty's Dragon
Book His Majesty's Dragon
Classics Black Beauty
Fiction Rhett Butler's People
History/Bio Patriarch:George Washington and the New American nation
NonFiction Wedding of the waters : the Erie Canal

Most thought provoking - Time Traveler's Wife
Funniest - Christmas Sucks

Worst book on the list Grandma Gets Laid
Most Disappointing Blind Assassin
Biggest diappointment for the year Classics Category

Of all the books that I read in 2009, my top pick was .....

I only hope that I have as great a time and books in 2010 as in 2009!

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Kaye said...

Wow, you had a great year!

Here's wishing you a happy 2010 and may all your books be 5*s