Read: Jan 9 - Jan 13
Format: audio, 8 Discs, 9¼ hours, 303 page equivalent
Source: public library
Narrator: Suzanne Toren
Subject: bad business, murder, recipes
Setting: Lake Eden Minnesota
Category: Cozy mystery, culinary mystery
Challenges: 101020, SYLL, , 75 Book, Audio,
Stars: 3

For all those who are regular Hannah Swensen fans, this was as enjoyable as all the others with the renewed appearances of Moishe, the cat, Hannah's two boyfriends, Dolores (her mother),her sisters, niece, and co-workers.
Hannah is supplying cookies to Crazy Elf town where Christmas trees are sold along with other amusements to entertain the tree buyers. The shady business owner is found murdered by Hannah and Norman (boyfriend #1) and while Hannah tries to solve the murder, she also tries to figure out why Carrie (Norman's Mother) seems to be hiding something from her friends and son.
It is delightful how the recipes that are included (28 total) are interwoven in the story and how the characters fit together so perfectly. Looking forward to the next one.

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Kaye said...

They're always a fun story although I really wish Fluke would resolve that triange. It's dragged on too long.