THANKSGIVING by Janet Evanovich

Read: Nov 30 - Dec 1
Source: Public Library
Category: Romance
Pages: 243

Megan Murphy is a potter living in Williamsburg, Va. She supplements her income on the weekends by being a tour guide n the historical area. The story begins with a hungry bunny nibbling on her skirt and her confrontation with the owner, a handsome young pediatrician.

The story evolves into a light hearted romance complete with an Patrick (the doctor) being caught by Megan's father wearing her pink chenille bathrobe and nothing else. It was utterly delightful. The antics surrounding the Thanksgiving dinner are enough to make you laugh until you cry.


Bella said...

This one looks fun! I like that Janet Evanovich books are light and fun to read, perfect for this weather, when its starting to get cold.

Tina said...

Another one I forgot i read....also didn't realize it was a JE book. It was fun, and definitely great for this time of the year.