Eggs in Purgatory (A Cackleberry Club Mystery) by Laura Childs

Read: Dec 3 - 7
Source: Owned
Category: Overlap - Leader & Crafts/cooking in the background
Pages: 418

Laura Childs has a new series - the Cackleberry Club which is about 3 women - Suzanne a widow, Petra whose husband has Alzheimer's, and Toni in the midst of a divorce. Together they run a restaurant/book store/craft store. It's as if the author is combining the Tea Shop series with the Scrapbook series and adding a twist. The characters are entertaining and heartwarming.

One morning, Suzanne notices that her lawyer's truck is still the parking lot when she lets the dog out for a run. She goes over to see if everything is alright and finds him dead. That same day on her way home, she sees a truck run off he road. The following night, hr lawyer's office is burglarized. A crime spree seems to have hit the little town of Kindred and Sheriff Doogie seems to be in over his head. Before the week is over, Suzanne is also confronted with accusations of embezzlement against her late husband.

Fueled by the need to clear her husband's name, Suzanne is embroiled in a state investigation surrounding the embezzlement and an abusive cult down the road. The solution was a little forced but entertaining.

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Kaye said...

I love Laura Childs tea shop mysteries. Have you tried them? Also her scrapbooking series set in New Orleans is good but the tea shop ones are still my favorite.