Death du Jour by Kathy Reichs

Read: Dec 8 - Dec 14
Source: Public Library
Category: Overflow - Follower
Pages: 632

This is the second installment in the Temperance Brennan series and it was as interesting as the first as the reader is provided a three tiered mystery that is woven masterfully tying together an century old excavation to a modern day murder mystery.

Tempe takes on a private excavation of a convent cemetery to identify the remains a nun that is being submitted for canonization during the slow time of a Canadian winter. Not expecting the Great Quebec Ice Storm of 1998 – the ice and cold preserve crime scenes, but hamper investigations.

Unfortunately, the discovery of 6 bodies including 2 babies during the investigation of a fire interrupts her private work and threatens her academic schedule. Returning to UNC in Charlotte, NC Temperance encounters other mysterious deaths that lead her to some unusual circumstances and mysterious adventures.

How all the pieces are woven together so intricately is amazing and yet holds the reader spellbound. Definitely a great series to be followed.

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Jasmyn said...

I have read the first in the series (I think, can't remember the name now) and I enjoyed it very much.