Read: Dec 23 - Dec 26
Source: Public Library
Category: Overflow - Follower (Christmas Challenge)
Pages: 193

Toward the end of 2009, my sister again introduced me to another challenge (The Christmas Challenge) so I found several books that were related to the holiday that I had not initially intended to read. This one I truly enjoyed because I read Anne Perry's books and recognized the characters.

This tale is about Grandmama Ellison from the Thomas & Charlotte Pitt series. Those who have read the series, know this character as a mean-spirited, grumpy old lady who is shuffled from family member to family member. For this Christmas she is sent to spend the holiday with her daughter-in-law (who has remarried a man younger than herself and actor, horrors!) Then when the new "son-in-law" receives a message from his aunt that another aunt is being sent to his house, also for the holiday, Mrs. Ellison is extremely put out because she will not be receiving the attention she feels she deserves. The story evolves in an unusual manner but is reminiscent of a Christmas Carol for the spirit of redemption. It is amusing to watch the character change.

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