DEADLY GREETINGS by Elizabeth Bright

Read: Nov 20 - 28
Source: Public Library
Category: Crafts in the background - card making
Pages: 233

Jennifer Shane with her own shop, Custom Card Creations, is battling to stay a float with her new business even though Aunt Lillian is still "volunteering" her services in exchange for supplies. So when Aunt Lillian finds her a new studio apartment she signs on the dotted line before she is told about the resident ghost.

Jennifer learns to live with "her" but has other difficulties - an overzealous neighbor, a stalker, and an ex-fiancé trying to get back together. Then one of her best customers and a friend, Maggie, dies in what appears to be an auto accident. But Jennifer doesn't believe it because she received a handmade card from her dead friend stating that someone is trying to kill her.

Jennifer and Lillian work to figure out who killed Maggie while fighting off her various admirers.

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