WREATH OF DECEPTION by Mary Ellen Hughes

Read: Oct 10 - Oct 13
Source: Interlibrary Loan
Category: Crafts in the background
Pages: 368

Jo McAllister, A recent widow, returns to her hometown to open a craft store with her best friend. On the day of the grand opening, the clown that she hired to greet the customers is found dead in the storeroom after the festivities. The police seem to zero in on her since the murder took place in her shop, with knitting needles from her stock. Jo feels that she needs to vindicate herself and with the help of her friends and the crafters that come to her different workshops, she finally figures out the culprit, but maybe a bit too late.

I loved the characters in this story. The way that the author used not just the older members of the small town but also Charlie, Jo's 15 year old godson, to wheedle information that Jo needed to solve the murder was very amusing. Jo's character especially was well-presented making her very believable and sympatric. I'm going to have to track down another of this series.

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