MOTIF FOR MURDER, A Scrapbooking mystery by Laura Childs

Read: Sept 3-5
Category: Crafts in the background
Pages: 264

Carmela Bertrand has reconciled with her bad boy husband and when he is kidnapped, she rushes to his Uncle Henry's house around the corner to get help only to find Henry shot dead. Who is after the Meecham family? What do they want other than the $5 MILLION ransom?

Carmela manages to rescue Shamus and then proceeds to get involved in the investigation of Uncle Henry's murder. While working on keeping her marriage together, Carmela works to honor Uncle Henry and avoid the murder who has set an eye on her.

This book is filled with references to Post-Katrina conditions in New Orleans while at the same being action packed and entertaining. Of the 4 Scrapbooking mysteries, I would say that this is the best so far.

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