Read: Sept 22-28
Category: Followers
Pages: 254
Being a wine lover is the main reason while I started reading this series, but the stories and wine education have brought me back for more.

Lucie Montgomery is the owner of a vineyard in northern Virginia where after a political fundraiser Georgia Greenwood is found murdered in one of the fields. Georgia's husband (a doctor) is Lucie's trusted friend and so she sets to work trying to prevent his arrest for his wife's murder. While Lucie endeavors to solve Georgia's murder, she has family problems and personal issues that she has to deal with.

The twists and turns that Lucie traverses in this mystery are cleverly interwoven with details of the wine making processes along with historical references. The solution was a surprise but when you reflect on the clues, you could see that it was in plain sight. The story was filled with solid writing, interesting characters, and entertaining plot twists. Interesting points of reference were maps of the vineyard and surrounding areas that were in the front of the book.


Chardonnay Wine Grapes said...

Sounds like an interesting read for a wine reader, I'm going to buy it.

Chèli said...

This book was the second in the series and I am looking forward to more of them next year. Good luck with your vineyard....we can never have too many grapes!