Another Award!

I'm so excited! Kaye at Pudgy Penguin Perusals presented me with the ROCKING AWARD and I feel honored since there was no criteria for selection and Kaye's reasoning was a " very enjoyable and recently new-to-me blog". So, Kaye, I'm going to follow your example and present this to new blogs that I have "stumbled upon" and keep the rock rolling!

Here are my winners for blogs I have just started to follow and have enjoyed greatly.

  1. Barbara at Everything Victorian and more..
  2. Caspette at The Narrative Causality (hope you're feeling better)
  3. Darlene at Peeking Between the Pages
  4. Crystal at My Reading Room

Hope you all will go and visit them and come back here often.

1 comment:

Dar said...

Wow, I feel so honored. Another award from you. Again, sorry I'm late in thanking you for these. Sick people in the house don't make for keeping up with blogging. I really appreciate it though and it brings a smile to my face to receive an award.