Weekend wonderings

Do you ever see a book or hear a title and wonder - Why haven't I read that book? So I decided I'd start a new meme - WEEKEND WONDERINGS – which simply answers some hypothetical questions about you, your books and your reading habits. Something to make you stop and think about what, where, when, and why you read what you do.
Feel free to play along, just post a link to your blog or comment here and we can all wonder together.

This week I got to thinking about how well read I am.

After reading the biography of John Quincy Adams who had nearly 4000 books in his library at one time, I wondered how well read I was. So I googled out to the Internet and found a list of the top 100 Novels according to Time. (I thought they would be a good judge.) I'm not very well read, according to this list because I've only read 1 - Gone with the Wind.


How do you fair against this list?

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