Sunday Salon

Kristen from BookNAround posed and interesting question:

Do you have reading obligations?

I'm not really sure what she means by that but I'm going to take a stab at it.
I suppose that if I wanted to think of reading, any reading, as an obligation, then yes I do. I have received several free books (see the widget to the right for reviews) which I feel I should review in return for the book. However, technically, I don't think that they are going to arrest me if I don't review the book but they probably won't give me any more free books if I don't.

I have found that reviewing a book settles it more in my own mind, so even if a book is not one of the freebies, I still review it. So the obligation really doesn't drive me to read the book. I want to read all the books that I have and all the books that are on my wishlist and new ones that I find out about. My problem is not an obligation to read, but figuring out in what order to read them. So a better question would be, how do you decide which book is the next to be read?

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Kristen said...

I guess by obligation I meant books that must be read by a certain deadline. I too review everything, and enjoy doing it. Of course, maybe it's just a case of reading ennui instead of being burned out by deadlines!

So, how do I decide what to read next? How much time to you have to read my ramblings?! Sometimes I am in the mood for a certain kind of book. Sometimes I have a deadline. Sometimes I have a reading challenge I want to work on. Sometimes I walked past a shelf and it just jumped out at me. LOL! Guess I'm a little scattered, eh?