Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is a library habits meme…

This week we have a library meme courtesy of MizB:

Library Habits meme:
1) If you don't frequent your local library, why not? ALL THE TIME
2) If you do visit the library, how often do you go? 2 or 3 times a week
3) Do you have a favorite section that you always head to first, or do you just randomly peruse the shelves? both, I start at the new Large print books, move on to CD books, and then on to mysteries and romances, finally the histories
4) How many books are you allowed to check out at one time? 100 Do you take advantage of this? the most I have ever had out at one time is 30
5) How long are you allowed to have the books checked out? 3 weeks
6) How many times are you allowed to renew your check-outs, if at all? 2 renewal periods if no one else wants them
7) What do you love best about your particular library? ability to reserve books online
8) What is one thing you wish your library did differently? wish list online
9) Do you request your books via an online catalogue, or through the librarian at your branch? online
10) Have you ever chosen a book on impulse (from the online catalogue OR the shelves) and had it turn out to be totally amazing? yes If so, what book was it, and why did you love it? The Quilter's Apprentice because of the reminders of how our own errors can effect our lives.

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Myckyee said...

I love being able to reserve books online too.

Great new blog by the way! I love the colour scheme and the background.