The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Read: Aug 18 - 27
Category: Favorite Author
Pages: 534

Have you ever held on to something simply because you thought it brought you good luck?

Logan Thibault was a marine in Iraq when he found a picture of a young woman wearing a T-shirt with the slogan Lucky Lady across her chest. He tried to find who it belong to, but when no one claimed it, he put it in his pocket. His luck began to change. He survived 3 tours in Iraq before he went home. His buddy from the marines felt that the picture had kept Logan safe and when his buddy was killed in a fishing accident in the boat right next to him, Logan began to think that he needed to find the girl.

Logan left his home in Colorado and starting walking… ending up in Hampton, NC. Along with his dog, Zeus, Logan not only found the girl, the reason that he was meant to find her.
I've read nearly all of Nicholas Sparks' books. I liked the idea of this one, but the beginning was slow and sometimes it was too wordy. I liked it, but not as well as some of his others.

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