Déjà Dead by Kathy Reichs

Read: Aug 19 - 25
Category: Mystery
Pages: 411

This book, set in Montreal, Canada, centers around the efforts of Temperance Brennan to solve the brutal murders of 5 woman. It probably would have been easier for her if the Quebec police, namely Luc Claudel, believed her when she pointed out that there was a serial murderer on the lose. But since she is just an anthropologist and a woman to boot, she has a hard time showing them the connections that her instincts tell her are there.

It was thrilling to go with Tempe as she struggled to find all the connections of the different victims, so that she could finally give these women and their families peace found in the criminal being brought to justice, however, she may need to rethink her process in the future.

The characterizations are interesting, showing a previous existence which expands the readers knowledge of the characters, but doesn't get in the way while enhancing the plot. We see the strengths of the Temperance as well as her weaknesses which only make you more interested as she battles to protect herself and those she loves.

The details that are used throughout this book are extensive but sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Constantly relating street after street didn't improve the story, but got to a point where it drove this reader a bit nuts, some editing here could have helped. I liked the way that French was interspersed (never overdone) with the English, giving it a nice French feel, or should I say Quebec feel.

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