Death Qualified: A Mystery of Chaos by Kate Wilhelm

Read: Aug 4 - 18
Category: Mystery
Pages: 438

Lucas Kendricks disappeared 7 years ago. Suddenly he's back after escaping a nightmare where he was "Tom" where he hadn't remembered his family in Oregon but before he has a chance to start his life over, he's dead and his wife is charged with his murder.
Barbara Holloway is in Arizona trying to live the simple life when she receives a phone call from her father and is dragged back into the legal world that she had left 5 years before in disgust, unable to agree with the bargains and compromises of defenders and prosecutors.
This book starts off in chaos and only seems to come together when the courtroom drama begins. There is way too much emphasis on the "chaos theory and psychological research" than a normal reader would want to know. This diversion encompasses most of the book but doesn't stop the reader from foretelling the conclusion. There are a few events at the end that re somewhat predictable.
The courtroom portion of the book was excellent, but the beginning and end left something to be desired.

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