Read : July 18 - July 19
Category : Followers
Pages : 272

Corporate espionage is the main theme of this Bath and Body mystery. Persia Vanderbilt and her Aunt Florence's business Venus Envy has competition from Bebe's Boutique and things are not gong well. The rose crop has been sprayed with a deadly insecticide, malicious rumors of poor quality ingredients are circulated, and their computer is hacked removing all records, but the theft of Persia's scent journal is the final disaster which forces Persia and company to set a plan in motion to resolve the murder of one of Bebe's associates and recover the scent diary.

This mystery was a little slow developing but had its moments. There were amusing moments with an adolescent Casanova, a new romance under development, and Persia's viewpoint on how to catch a man. Not a great book, but entertaining.

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Myckyee said...

First I've heard of this series. It sounds interesting.