Read : June 19 - 25
Category : ER books
Pages : 328

Aidan O'Neill is a fireman, his father was a fireman, he comes from a family of firemen and they all believed that they had gift - a gift of understanding the fire - where it was going to go, who it was going to harm, what it was going to devour. Aidan was sure of that gift until his father was killed in an arson fire. Then he began to question that gift.
For seven years he searched for the arsonist even after the fire department had put the search to bed. The arsonist had gone back to the shadows and was quiet. But now the arsonist was back, endangering Aidan's colleagues, his friends.
This is the story of a fireman who searches for the truth, trying to find the person who killed his father, who damaged these buildings, who frightened the people of the city that was his home. The conclusion is a bit shocking.

It's an interesting story but I wouldn't say that is always well-written. There are times when the writing appears to go off on a tangent and you wonder what's going on, and then it's back. You wonder why but it isn't cleared up for over 100 pages. The structure needs to be tightened up but overall an interesting read.

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