The Quilter's Apprentice

This is a heartwarming story of a young couple, Sarah and Matt, who must leave the only home that they've known to move to another town so that Matt can get work. His new job puts Sarah in the position of being unemployed for the first time and searching for a job in a tough market. While she is searching, the cranky elderly woman, Mrs. Compson, that Matt is work for offers Sarah a chance to earn some money helping prepare her family estate(Elm Creek Manor) for sale. Sarah agrees provided that Mrs. Compson teaches her how to quilt. During the daily quilting lessons, Mrs. Compson and Sarah develop a close friendship while revealing their own life stories/issues/problems.The stories that are related are at times powerfully moving, and reminders of how our own errors can effect our lives. In total it is remarkable how this book can show that love and friendship can help overcome just about anything including past injuries and insults. The descriptions of the quilting processes that are intermingled throughout are fascinating. The only drawback is that at times, the character of Sarah seems a bit whiny. Hopefully, she'll out grow it in future books.

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