MURDER UNCORKED by Michele Scott

Read : June 7 -19
Category : Cozy Mystery
Pages : 219

Nikki Sands, an out of work actress, is waiting tables in Hollywood to make ends meet. She works at an upscale restaurant and has educated herself about wine pairings to increase her tip perspectives. One evening she shows off a bit of her knowledge, infuriating a blonde bimbo but intriguing her date. She gets fired for spilling wine on the bimbo, but is rescued by the hunk and learns that he is a winemaker from Napa Valley and is interesting in hiring her for marketing and general assistant staff support.

Nikki flies to Napa with Derek Malveaux where she is embroiled in a double murder investigation on the Malveaux Estate. Her one and only acting role seems to be coming alive - that of a Detective Sydney Martini. The story is complex but the writer allows the reader to gather the clues along with Nikki. Entertaining while providing recipes and wine pairings.

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