Category: Leaders
Pages: 246
Read: June 1 - June 2

This is the beginning of the Jane Jeffrey series. Jane is a widow whose husband died a few months ago in an auto accident. While she tries to keep things on an even keel for her three children, Jane handles carpools, PTA meetings but has to replace her cleaning lady. She and her next door neighbor, Shelly, contact the Happy Helper, and hire Edith, who is highly recommended by other neighbors.
Edith calls in sick when she is due at Shelly's house on a day that Shelly is hosting a meeting, so a replacement is sent. When she comes home from doing her errands, Shelly frantically calls Jane over to her house because she has found Edith's replacement strangled with a vacuum cleaner cord.
Jane and Shelly work to figure out why the maid was dispatched.
It was entertaining, wouldn't say that it was the greatest.

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