POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS Author: Augusten Burroughs

Category: Audiobooks
Pages: 304
Read: May 22 - May 27

This book is a collection of essays/short stories/memoirs surrounding the early childhood, of the author. Reviews had this book as being hilarious especially when read on audio by the author. This is the version that I checked out of the library. It missed with me.

The stories are told in reverse chronological order which is a little strange - going from successful relationships to a loner; non-smoking Alcoholic in AA to a smoking drinker; gay relationship to young man looking at girls; The tales included telling of when he was a child, his reluctance to visit one grandmother (evil) after visiting the other (good) (If one of my grandmothers had a tooth fairy that gave $50 per tooth, I 'd think that the other was evil too.), spending over $600 a month on Nicorette gum when he quit smoking, and a crush on a female doctor as a child. A few of the short stories are extremely entertaining but the entire book wasn't worth its reviews that were raves. (IMHO) Don't think I'll read anything more from this author.

I chose this book because my husband and I were going on a car trip to Richmond and we do audio books when we travel. My husband liked it better than I did. He gave it 3 stars.

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